Ingrid Incisa di Camerana is an Italian shoe designer and the founder of the namesake shoe brand. Born to an elite family and a diplomat father, Ingrid grew up as a citizen of the world. Besides her noble title and her South American origins, she also inherited her parents’ humanitarian traits and became a devoted philanthropist who traveled around the globe for the Red Cross.

The inspiration behind the brand

Ingrid has always been passionate about fashion and footwear. Her biggest aspiration was to design a shoe she dreamed of but could not find: a high-end shoe for leading ladies who want to look stylish and are seeking quality, design and comfort.

Ingrid’s vision led her to create her namesake brand Ingrid Incisa di Camerana; a luxurious line of Italian handmade shoes based on high quality, long-lasting design and perfection down to the last detail.

ingrid incisa di camerana
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