It is a Saturday morning and I decide to treat myself to a shopping outing, to renew my mood and my wardrobe for the autumn season. I stop in front of a shop window, checking out colors and designs and I decide to walk in. Before I’m even halfway through the entrance a tall, skinny sales assistant addresses me with barely concealed snootiness and disdain: “We don’t have anything in your size…”

This is a situation I have often found myself in and I am sure I am not the only one. Yet, just as politeness is not determined by size, taste and aesthetics are not determined by how much you weigh.

I adore fashion, I love colors and symmetry and I simply want to wear clothes that I like, which is in fact more challenging than it sounds since the clothes that suit my body type are not only limited in quantity, but also uninspiring, nondescript and tremendously expensive!

After years of compromising and dressing in bland,characterless outfits I decided that I refuse to adapt my body shape to the dominant “thin” standards.

I firmly believe that our bodies should be celebrated regardless of size! This inspired me to create my own line of unique, chic, modern outfits, in colors and designs that meet the requirements of contemporary women, whatever size category they come under.

I am positive that here you will find clothes you have always dreamed of wearing but have not been able to until now, without having to spend a fortune.

Dorothy Moustaka Dessypris